Barack Obama –Black, White Or Multi-Colored?

President Obama made clear to the media that on his census report, the category of his racial identify was clearly black, African American or Negro. His father was born and raised in Africa and thus had scant contact with the African American experience, and his mother and grandparents who essentially raised him were of white European background. Barack Obama did NOT have a typical African American life experience having spent time in school in Indonesia and being raised by grandparents on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Census data reports that nearly 10% of Americans are of mixed parentage, and that figure will rise to nearly 25% by mid-century. Historically, political leaders in this country have pushed the concept of being part of the white majority and shunned any reference to being of African heritage. Obama has flipped this idea on its head by emphasizing blackness.

The future belongs to those who can live comfortably in the world of black/white and by he end of this century the concept of “black or white” will have disappeared. Barack Obama by stating he was a man of all skin colors had an opportunity to cast his vote for the future, not the past. He chose not to.