Barack Obama-Bush Light?

Presidential candidate Barack Obama rightfully decried actions by the Bush administration to squash attempts by government officials to identify violations of human rights. Obama also promised a transparent administration in which the right to express opinions would be respected. Unfortunately, along the way to power, power took over and the candidate became a president who seeks to control power. After years of trying to send Thomas Drake, former official in the National Security Agency, to jail, the government finally admitted defeat and accept a guilty plea on a minor issue. What was the crime of Thomas Drake? He was not a flaming liberal, simply a man who respected the right of Americans to know about corruption in the federal government. He released information–not to spies–but to reporters for respectable newspaper which identified cases of corruption. In other words, he was a whistle blower who loved his country so much that he willingly exposed himself to prison in order that truth would emerge.

Candidate Barack Obama would have lauded Thomas Drake for exemplifying the type of government official who should serve the nation. However, once in power, the Obama administration has instituted a vast program of stifling divergent opinions in government, it prosecutes anyone who reveals evidence of corruption to reporters. I voted for Barack Obama in order to have in the presidency a man who respected presenting the truth to the American people.

Say, whatever happened to candidate Barack Obama?