Barack Obama-Cool,But Not Hot

Barack Obama is a riddle wrapped in an enigma of confusion. He ran for president as the first African American candidate for the office, but, in reality it was his white mother’s ancestry that defined who he was in life. Not once since becoming president has Obama displayed the emotions of one who was born in poverty or who endured hatred and discrimination in life. He has always displayed a sense of entitlement and lack of interest in the plight of those who live in poverty.

Helen Gahagan Douglas, a former actress who become a Congressman, reveals in her autobiography how after visiting migrant camps she told President Franklin Roosevelt what she had seen. He listened and began to cry at her tales of horror. Although born in wealth, Franklin Roosevelt identified with poor people. They adored him because he conveyed a sense of mission to assist them in dealing with poverty. Barack Obama comes across to poor people as one who went to Harvard and enjoys being with the wealthy and powerful.

There is no soul in this soulless man. He runs around America raising money for his re-election rather than running around America displaying concern for those who are suffering. He is simply another “white man” who not only ignores the plight of black folk, but of all who are poor and powerless.  Obama is cool hand Barack, friend of Wall Street who never sheds a tear for the poor.