Barack Obama-Hope For New Approach To Peace

Yasser Khali, writing in the Cairo Daily News, believes the Barack Obama candidacy has drawn global attention, particularly among Muslims who are fascinated at the prospect of a black skinned man becoming president of the United States, a nation most view as prejudiced against those with dark skins. The is new interest in the United States comes “amidst almost unanimous feeling of indignation and rage towards the United States foreign policy, particularly in Iraq and Palestine.” They are impressed with his emphasis upon political rather than military approaches to dealing with controversial issues.

“As an Arab Muslim,” writes Yasser Khali, “in Egypt who is affected by United States foreign policy, I believe an Obama approach may help solve accumulated problems between Muslims and the US that have become more aggravated since the September 11 terrorist attacks.” He believes Obama’s “new and more creative methods could hurt al-Qaida recruiting efforts.”

Khali hopes Obama will take a “more proactive stance in creating just and fair policies” that will lead to an resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. “by embracing dialogue with Muslim countries such as Syria and Iran and jump starting US diplomatic efforts, Obama will open doors that have been shut–bolted– in recent years.”