Barack Obama Hypocrisy Exposed

I was among the millions of Americans who welcomed the candidacy of Barack Obama for president of the United States because it was time to end the anti-middle class policies of the Bush administration and to provide new hope for those in poverty. We also expected that a new president would use all the power vested in the presidency to fight for the rights of illegal immigrants. Any rational person understands there is a powerful bloc in Congress which opposes granting citizenship to illegal immigrants from Hispanic countries. Throughout the history of America millions of immigrants have entered this nation without going through formal procedures. This IS the American immigration story which is ignored in our schools and in our media. For example, people went back and forth across our border with Canada for over two hundred years without also going through any immigration process.

Sergio Garcia was brought by his parents to America in 1994 when he was 17. He went to school, then went on to college and eventually entered law school. Sergio passed the bar exam and then applied for a license to become a lawyer. HIs application was OPPOSED BY THE OBAMA ATTORNEY GENERAL! However, the Supreme Court of California did not agree with our Attorney General and granted a law license to an illegal immigrant! It noted in the decision that “he was a diligent and trusted worker and had made significant contributions to the community.” He was cited as an individual of high moral standards and never broke the law.