Barack Obama Is An American??

Once again, Barack Obama is attempting to trick the American people. Two years ago, he promised to make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and reneged on what he said would occur. Now, he is releasing what he claims is his “birth certificate.” It supposedly is a birth certificate for some child named, Barack Obama. But, where is the proof that the name of the child on this “birth certificate” is the same person as the man who is in the White House? I can find any birth certificate, claim I am the person on it, and no one would know the difference. We demand that Barack Obama prove to the American people that he is the same person whose name is on that birth certificate!

The great American hero of our time, Donald Duck Trump, is joyous because it was through his efforts we even got the person in the White House who claims to be Barack Obama to show a birth certificate. As the Trump man boasts, “I am really proud that I was able to bring this to a point.” Of course he added: “I want to look at it and I hope it is true. I am really honored to have played a bit role.” There are, as of yet, unconfirmed reports that Donald will soon be able to present proof to the American people that we have a national debt.

The man who claims to be Barack Obama told the American people: “We are not going to solve our problems if we get distracted by carnival barkers and sideshows.” I assume this means Donald Trump will have to produce evidence that he was never a carnival barker.