Barack Obama Loves Everyone

A State of the Union address is designed to show the American people that their president is really a nice guy who loves both Republicans and Democrats, straights, gays, Muslim, Jews, and even Christian. Barack Obama told America he wanted to stimulate industry and jobs. Of course, this blog in January, 2009 urged the president to make that an important focus of his program. So, it took him two years to get around to jobs, fine, now the question is whether he can really carry out his goal. As we listened to the speech we learned:

1. Barack Obama supports the efforts of our armed forces.

2. Barack Obama wants to increase the speed of broadband use, trains, planes, and slow down the speed of cars entering cities.

3. Barack Obama is open to changes in the healthcare bill, provided they don’t deal with………. figure it out.

4. Barack Obama wants to cut the size of government.

5. Barack Obama wants to reduce deficits.

6. Barack Obama wants to simplify the tax code.

7. Barack Obama wants to end regulations which are not liked by business.

8. Barack Obama wants to end discord in Congress.

9. Some of his best friends are Republicans.

10. Barack Obama wants people of all persuasions to love openly.

11. Barack Obama wants to bring our soldiers home from Iraq or Afghanistan.

Hopefully, I did not leave out what he wants.

P.S. I can not recall any inspiring or lasting line in his speech.

  • tam

    sir,i am malaysian people and i want to be america soldier army if i wish,i hope u cant help me sir.i have a wife and 1 my country is hard to fine a job.