Barack Obama-Mystery Man Of Politics

Barack Obama in 2008 presented himself as a man who viewed the future with optimistic ideas. He promised to end the war in Iraq and begin the process of winding down in Afghanistan.There was hope of the emergence of new ideas concerning the future of American society. Young people would be provided alternatives in funding their college education, the entire educational process would be rethought in order to develop schools that prepared youth for life in the 21st century. We understood the Republican party would fight tooth and nail in opposition of any ideas that focused on our societal needs rather than those of the top one percent. Most never understood the weaknesses of Barack Obama in passage of the Affordable Care Act. At no time, did the president present to the American people an understanding about the new law and how it benefited all in the nation. He was the Silent Man. He never engaged in dialogue with the American people.

We never understood that Barack Obama was a college professor who thought and acted like one. He gave the lecture, students took notes, and then passed a test. Ironically, the last college professor elected as president was Woodrow Wilson, who had the same attitude. Neither Barack Obama nor Wilson engaged the American people. Each wore the arrogance of a typical college professor who thinks he knows more and people should be grateful that he even wastes some of his precious time having to explain anything. Proof? When Americans are asked their attitudes about specific features of the Affordable Care Act they approve it, but when asked if they agree with the law almost half dislike it.

Barack Obama lacks the ability to explain an idea clearly and in terms that anyone could understand. The bottom line is that he is not a political leader who can galvanize and organize society. He is most comfortable sitting in an office or at a meeting of intelligent people. He is the tragedy figure whose lack of political skill allowed the Tea Party to gain strength.

His legacy is a House of Representatives which contains many who most probably would have a tough time in in the world of Neanderthals. His lack of leadership created the Tea Party nut cases!