Barack Obama Picked Nose In Public!!

If the hand of President Barack Obama goes toward his nose and gives it a rub because of an itch, there is not doubt FOX News will proclaim the president insulted America by picking his nose in public. George Bush traveled around the world, Ronald Reagan traveled around the world, Richard Nixon made his famous trip to China and no one complained about any of these official visits. But, after the Muslim illegal immigrant President Obama took a business trip to India where he help secure contracts worth $10 billion that might result in 50,000 jobs in America, the right wing media went wild. First, they claimed the trip was costing America $200,000,000 a day, second, they become infuriated when the president joined in with children in a school and performed their Koll dance. Of course, President Reagan at his inaugural ball whirled British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher around the floor, and a not a word of criticism. The nation will be hearing about the Koll dance for months as right wingers describe this insult to our nation because the president danced with children.

Oh, it is clear from pictures, Barack Obama might be a black man, but he sure ain’t got a black style of dancing. I guess that is due to his being a Muslim.