Barack Obama Punches Out Praise

Following are comments made by President Obama to foreign leaders:

Denmark Prime Minister Llars Lekke Rasmussen: “Denmark is a country that–using an American phrase–punches above its weight.”

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenbnerg: “Norway has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the USA, and like I told the prime minister, there is a phrase we use in the US–a boring phrase–Norway is punching above its weight.”

Philippine President Macapagal-Arroyo: “Although the Philippines aren’t among the world’s biggest nations, the country punches above its weighty on the international scene.”

I attended City College of New York and never had the opportunity, as did Barack Obama, to attend the ivy halls of Harvard, but at CNY we DID learn that a cliche by any other name is still a cliche.

Barack, do you think it possible to actually read a book or check a dictionary so you can punch out some comments without referring to punching out?