Barack Obama Smells BO

In a speech at the National Defense University the president raised some interesting issues such as continuance of powers given to him to kill who the hell he desires if only he supports those murders with some evidence that bad guys were out to harm the United States of America. He also wants to close down Guantanamo Bay prison because it finally  dawned on him that millions of Muslims in the world do not like him around and killing people-particularly, those of the Muslim faith.

I guess this is a good step to restore basic American values such as an independent free press that can print whatever  it desires. I realize a Fox News reporter printed the secret story that North Korea might threaten use of nuclear weapons. I must confess joy at being let in on this story.

Now, if former constitutional professor Barack Obama can shift his focus from sending drug users to jail and send a few Wall Street criminals to prison, perhaps, he can go down in history as a defender of the United States against Wall Street terrorism.