Barack Obama, The Aloof President

The other day, President Obama let slip a comment about, “maybe I should have…” which indicates there is a glimmer of possibility his brain is able to see the world through the lens of most Americans. I have lived through every president from Herbert Hoover to the present, and, frankly, I have never experienced a leader who is so remote from the people of this country. Obama is intelligent, he has decent goals, but lacks any competence in being able to convey his ideas to a mass audience. For example, he should have been constantly telling Americans about the health care program:
1. It does not allow insurance companies to refuse service for pre-existing conditions.
2. It allows parents to continue having their children on policies to age 26.
3. It provides a mechanism that allows anyone without insurance to get one.
4. It protects retired people by covering all drug expenses.
5. For the first time in our history everyone can have health insurance.

See, Barack, how easy it is to explain things rather than telling people it is “too complex?” Barack, keep it simple, keep it stated in clear English so even a ten year-old understands and force your opponents to get complicated in their response.

He tells people to vacation on the Gulf Coast and then heads to Martha’s Vinyard for his own. Yes, Mr. President, this is a petty item, but in a Depression when over ten million lack jobs, the petty become important. Obama allows Fox News to air ridiculous lies and remains silent. Barack, challenge Glenn Beck to a debate about his claims you are a Muslim! Theodore Roosevelt never shied away from a fight. Franklin Roosevelt took on the wealthy with glee because he wanted to come across as the friend of those without, rather than the friend of those with. At one point, three Republican congressmen were opposing FDR. During the next few months every time he gave a speech, it included the line about, “Martin, Barton and Fish” as opponents of change. Few knew who these congressmen were, but the repetition persuaded millions these congressmen opposed their ideas. You come across as the friend of the powerful because of silence. Get your damn hands dirty. This does not mean lie, it means be clear, concise and focused on your ideas.

Being cool, calm, collected allows you to win debates, but this is American politics and this poise simply allows your opponents go wild with leis and distortion.