Barack Obama, The Drone Killer President!

Last May at the White House Correspondent dinner, the pop band, Jonas Brothers performed and the president noted his daughters’ Sasha and Malia really liked them. “But, boys, don’t get any ideas, two words for you, predator drones. You will never see it coming.” Perhaps, this is a humorous remark to the president, but he was referring to a CIA program which is rather controversial.. American authorities claim only a small number of civilians are killed by these silent weapons of death. Of course, a drone thousands of miles in the air can spot a militant in a house and destroy the house without killing any innocent civilians. If you believe that one, how about buying a bridge in New York City for me? The New America Foundation estimate one in four killed at innocent civilians, the Brooking Institute estimates nine out of ten are innocent people, and Pakistan authorities argue that between January, 2006 and April, 2009 of the 701 killed in drone attacks, 14 were members of al-Qaeda.

Faisal Shahzad, the ill fated Times Square bomber when asked how he could kill innocent people, responded by noting that hundreds of innocent civilians in Pakistan had been killed by drone attacks. He claimed drone “don’t see children, they kill women and children, they kill everybody.” OK, so Mr. Shahzad is not the most reliable person to comment on terrorism, but we Americans forget that drones are also the weapon of terrorism– our state ordered terrorism.

Mr. President, you are a decent man, but such comments are beneath your dignity as a leader of this nation