Barack Obama-The Unpolitician

Even the most fervent admirers of Barack Obama now admit that he has displayed an ineptness in political issues which indicate a lack of grasp concerning the political process. A president is not only head of the nation, he is also the head of a political party. In a democratic system this requires that an executive lead the party because unless it controls the legislature, passage of laws is very difficult. Obama from day one never understood that his goals had to be consistent with the goals of his party since there support was needed to ensure passage of a program of new laws. The history of recessions and Depressions was quite clear-focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. Instead, he focused on a health insurance program.

His model was Franklin Roosevelt who was president during the Depression of the 1930s. From day one, his major concerns were aiding farmers and getting people back to work. He took office in March and by August over four million were working. Social Security came two years later. Franklin Roosevelt took on the wealthy and made clear, that he welcomed their hatred. Obama embraced the wealthy. The failure to stand as the guardian of those without work opened the door for the Tea Party and gridlock.

Barack Obama was a college professor and never understood that in the world of politics one must capture the allegiance of those in pain and fear.