Barber -DEPART!

There is scant doubt the Obama administration is guilty of abusing human rights. They still allow interrogations that violate human rights and prisoners are detained and kept inn prison without allowing an honest jury trial to occur. But, this Muslim Barack Obama has finally gone too far. An Army Appeals Court decided that Major Nidal Hasan who murdered and wounded over dozen of his fellow soldiers MUST BE CLEAN SHAVEN! Off will come his beard and the clean shaven soldier will have to display his entire face in the court room.!

I understand that beards and facial hair are among the most important human issues, we constantly fine people, place people in jail or make their lives miserable because they have hair on their face or too much up on top. Sorry, major, you did join the army and did accept the Military Code of Justice. Next time, head for Saudi Arabia, they will welcome you with beards and open arms.

And, the women will wear a burqa! I have no idea how Nidal will handle a female officer who is not covered up!