Bare Breasts, Go To Jail!

I confess to being the Earth representative for the planet of Xul. I have been working for many years assisting life forms from this far away planet to understand the minds and ways of life for those who call themselves, Earthians. Ambassador ZX recently asked me to explain human ideas pertaining to the presence of breasts on the upper parts of their bodies. Following is my interaction with ZX.

ZX:  I do not understand why humans cover the top portion of their bodies

M:  Actually, only women are required to cover the top portion, it is OK for males to reveal it.

ZX:  Why?

M:  Women have big breasts.

ZX:  But, so do males have breasts.

M:  But, women use their breasts to feed babies.

ZX:  But, not all women have babies.

M:  True, but we don’t want women to show their breasts.

ZX: But, why do you allow males to show their breasts?

M:  You know something, ZX, I really don’t have the faintest idea how this custom arose.

ZX:  Now, you know why we Xulians fear landing on this planet.

M:  What do you mean?

ZX:  We might get infected with crazy ideas of humans!!