Barter, Anyone?

Recent surveys indicate about one in four Americans is bartering this Christmas instead of giving presents. People are exchanging goods and skills in an effort to prevent going heavy into debt at the Xmas season. As we all know, God invented Christmas because he believed in Capitalism and wanted to make certain merchants ended the year in good spirits. After all, what is Christmas for other than to make certain the wealthy remain wealthy and the poor go deeper into debt? So, in the spirit of Christmas we suggest some nice bartering:

1. Barack Obama– send Hillary Clinton, along with hubby Bill, to the Republicans in exchange for Sarah Palin and one of her kids. An even up swap.

2. Exchange Rudy Giuliani for a used donkey who does not bray.

3. Senator Jim Demint in exchange for a bag filled with sour balls?

4. Yankees send ownership in the Yankee Stadium to the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for Roy Halladay and use of Cliff Lee on alternate weeks.

5. Lindsay Lohan and Cyrus Miley in exchange for any all American gal.

6. Use of my Alien mind in exchange for free medical care for twenty years.

7. Barack Obama skills in creating jobs with any Chicago politician with skills in job creation.

8. A born again Christian like George Bush in exchange for a born-again Muslim like Osama bin Laden

9. In all honesty, my blog can be bought for the right price– say about a million in dollars?