Bashar Al-Assad Protects Syria!

At least 60,000 people have died in Syria in their struggle to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power. A range of Syrians including devout Muslims and secular thinkers have joined together in order to end brutality and murder from being normal activity in their land. President Assad has finally told his people the truth as to what has been occurring in his land. He has not been killing anyone, the wonderful Syrian leader has simply stood at the dike of fear and  protected his people against Zionist aggression. He made clear that it was “Zionist aggression” which has coordinated  violence in the country. Assad has identified these Israel agents in  “collaboration with foreign enemy forces” that have plunged the country into chaos.

Actually, I am surprised it has taken so long for Assad to get around to Zionism band Israel as cause of all problems, not only in his  land, but throughout the  Arab world. In effect, Assad’s policy of murdering 60,000 is simply a way to prevent a million from dying at the hands  of Zionist agents. God  Bless Assad!