Bashar Bashes Family!

Lost in the ongoing conflict in Syria is its impact on the everyday lives of families. The nation is engaged in a civil war and in any such conflict families become divided over loyalties. Christians fear a new Muslim government which is  controlled by clerics, Alawites fear that Sunni and Shiites will end their dominating influence over the government and not only reduce their power, but religious freedom. A recent story from Syria high lighted how war impacts a single marriage. In the city of Aleppo, which has been the scene of brutal fighting, a merchant and his Russian born wife became angry with one another over the leadership of President Assad.

Shop owner Mohammed over Assad. According to an employee, “the argument broke out when he criticised Assad while she defended him. The fight escalated and he shot her.” Mohammed met his wife four years ago while on a trip to Russia. He simply could not take her defense of Assad.

I assume if the merchant had  attacked President Putin, she would have shot him. Such is life  — and death– in Syria