Bashar Bullies And Bull Shits!

Bashar al-Assad and his family have ruled Syria for nearly half a century which certainly results in an attitude that without me, who else is fit to rule the land of Syria? For months thousands and thousands of Syrians have openly informed their dictator of a desire to create a democratic society in which someone other than an Assad can be head of the government. His reaction has been to unleash the dogs of war to brutalize, imprison and kill dissenters since who else but an Alawite is prepared to rule? The president did issue an amnesty several weeks ago which was ignored so he came out with yet another one. “He felt that the first amnesty was not satisfactory for many, and there is a desire that this second amnesty be more inclusive.” I assume it can not be inclusive for those who were murdered.

The Turkish government issued a cautious statement that Assad’s words should be carefully studied. There is absolutely not words in his statement indicating a recognition of mistakes on his part, a recognition of those who were killed by his forces, and a recognition that democracy means someone other than a member of his family will rule the land. His desire for “peace” is much ado about nothing!