Basketball Wars

Sports in America display an amazing resemblance to the world of corporate America. A group of spoiled egotistical men are paid enormous salaries and come away believing they are not bound by ordinary laws of humanity. During the early years of the National Basketball Association, players had to complete their college education prior to being drafted by a team. Today, they arrive after one year in college and are given millions of dollars.

Dwight Howard, star center for the Orlando Magic team told owners that he would only remain with the team if they fired his coach, Stan van Gundy. At a press conference,van Gundy told the world that he had been informed of this desire. As he talked, Howard came over, placed an arm around the coach’s body and smiled. The coach walked away after saying about his player: “I have been dealing with this all year. I knew it was true by people in our management, right from the top.”

The children have come to play, and the children run the show whether their names by LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. Such is the bitter fruit of  capitalism. Selfish management —  selfish players.