Battered Women Protest In Sweden

A group of women who had experienced being battered gathered in a Malmo square in an unusual public demonstration against abuse of women. The women were not actually physically abused, but were volunteers in a performance art project choreographed by artist Elin Lundgren to highlight society’s refusal to take a stand against male abuse of women. “Everybody knows that violence against women is common in all cultures. But, despite this very little is said about it even if it affects one’s nearest and dearest,” said Lundgren. Makeup artists prepared the faces of women to depict the common signs of violence which, in reality, are found on the faces and bodies of women who are physically assaulted.

Unfortunately, the battering of women remains a topic that people will condemn, but little is done for assist women in their everyday lives to deal with these physically and mentally abusive situations. It is not merely an emotional issue, real assistance to battered women consists of economic and social support.