Battle Of Secret Services

Fifty years ago the United States created the CIA as an agency whose task was to protect the United States. During this time period, the CIA failed to predict anything regarding vast changes in the world ranging from the split between Communist China to the breakup of the Soviet Union to the so-called WMD in Iraq, but US presidents retain faith that those running the CIA actually know what is going on. The recent case of Raymond Davis who killed two men on motorcycles because they were trying to kill him has aroused more questions than answers. As he remains in jail, the Pakistan government has now arrested Aaron DeHaven, a US contractor, and charged him with over staying his visa. Pakistan’s secret service, the ISI wants the CIA to “ensure there are no more Davises or his ilk” in their nation and argue Americans have to end doing things “behind our back.”

These are interesting words from an organization which works closely with the Taliban and has provided extensive military assistance to men who seek to overthrow the government of Afghanistan. One of the main problems with the CIA is staffing. Most of its employees are from colleges rather than from working folk, prostitutes and others of that ilk who understand the real world.