Battle Of The Boobs

The United States has about eighteen million people who do not have jobs, the national debt is over thirteen trillion dollars, jobs are being exported overseas and thousands of teachers, firemen and policemen are being downsized into no work, but to Sarah Palin, the issue of the hour is female boobs. Michelle Obama as part of her efforts to reduce obesity has urged that women breast feed children. According to Sarah Palin, “I’ve given birth to five babies and breast fed every single one.” OK, she agrees with Michelle Obama. But, Michelle Obama is married to Barack Obama and according to Palin Law Number One, it is impossible for any member of the Obama family to come up with a single intelligent idea. After all, if you are born in Kenya, and you are a Muslim, how can you be expected to have normal God fearing American ideas.

Ah, the deviant remark of Michelle Obama is urging that women who encounter difficulty be allowed to deduct from their income tax return the cost of a breast pump has aroused Sarah Palin. According to her, this is an example of the “nanny state.” Of course, it is NOT an example of the nanny state to:

1. Allow tax deductions for taking a fellow businessman out to lunch.

2. Allow tax deductions for personal property taxes.

There are about a thousand or so tax deductions which benefit businessmen, but those have nothing to do with the nanny state.

Sarah wants to make certain we catch this idea in the nip of time.