Battle Rages On Afghan – Pakistan Border

Dozens of insurgents in eastern Afghanistan were killed over the weekend in a battle that ranged on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. American troops working in coordination with Afghan forces, fought a tough battle after militants attacked police. The troops called in for air strikes and helicopters blasted away at the Taliban forces causing at least fifty to be killed while other scurried across the border into the safety of Pakistan. Estimates are that about 2,700 Taliban and al-Qaeda insurgents have been killed since the beginning of the year which increasingly witnesses growth in the power and fighting ability of insurgents.

The fighting over the weekend illustrates fundamental issues in dealing with insurgent forces in Afghanistan. Many will be killed due to fighting on the land and from air attacks, but when all is said and done, the issue of insurgents being able to flee over the border to the safety of Pakistan must at some point be dealt with or there will be no way to resolve the issue of insurgency in Afghanistan.