Battlefront Report On Immigration Invasion

I am with units of the Immigration Invasion Force(IIF) which has been slowly, but surely pushing its way across the broad expanse of the United States in order to assume control of the economy, and, next step, the governments of such states as Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. I was informed by General Diego Juarez the next goal of his forces is seizure of the important road crossing located in Fremont, Nebraska. Now, some will argue, who the hell cares about Fremont, Nebraska, but to the IIF once in control of Fremont and its meatpacking industry, local inhabitants will be so terrified as to surrender control over their local government. Sorry, we just received a report from Fremont where Hillary Clandon reports election results which ban the hiring of illegal immigrants or allowing them to rent property. According to General Juarez, “we are left with no other option than a frontal assault on Fremont, capture their City Hall, and destroy all records dealing with illegal immigrants. That is the only way to save our fellow immigrants.”

During the past few months I have been able to attend briefing sessions and military discussions with leaders of the IIF. They hope to capture Fremont, then move across into Kansas and onto Colorado where they will join up with the 3rd Division of the IIF which is active in the Rocky Mountains. I have been informed the invasion will not cease until it has reached California where General Juarez intends to hold a referendum which would abolish the state government and allow a takeover of government by anyone who has at least five billion dollars. General Juarez made clear he is financially supported by a coalition of Middle Eastern oil tycoons who seek to take over America, impose the Muslim religion and then institute Sharia law.

First they came for the illegal immigrants, then they came for the legal immigrants, then they came for –YOU!