BBC Correspondent Tim Franks Departs In Sadness!

Tim Franks was assigned by BBC to cover the Middle East with particular focus on Israel and Palestinians. He was surprised when people in his London synagogue assumed since he was Jewish his task was to present a “Jewish version” of events. During his years in Israel, critics have charged Franks was an agent of the Jewish lobby, he has been charged with being sympathetic to Palestinians, and he has experienced Jewish violence and Palestinian “victimhood” being displayed in the name of truth and righteousness. He confesses being upset that Israeli worshippers in his Jerusalem synagogue “did not show signs of being upset by videos in which Jewish rioters wrecked their vengeance on Palestinians” because the army had evicted them from illegal West Bank settlements. ” I do not believe I had covered the story for radio or TV differently because I was a Jew. But, was I feeling more bleak the following day because this was violence perpetrated by Jews? Well, perhaps.”

As a Jew, the feelings of Frank are my own. I was raised in a liberal Socialist east European Jewish neighborhood where a dominant feeling was that Jews must work with other oppressed people if we are ourselves to be free from death and destruction. It remains a shock to me when Jews are the oppressor who kill the innocent in the name of “security.” Every demagogue and tyrant has used the defense of “security” to explain away killing defenseless people. I expect Jews, given our experience with death and destruction, to never kill the innocent.

Farewell, Mr. Franks, you did a good job.

  • Mike Gould

    I couldn’t agree more. Here’s a recent post on Global Minds: I just heard BBC Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen talking about the Israeli assault on the Gaza peace flotilla say “they were clearly Islamist, because they were all pious Moslems”. If so-called experts talk like this, what chance is there of unbiased reporting? After all you wouldn’t say that pious Christians, Hindus or Buddhists were fundamentalists, would you?

    And today the BBC anchor talked about the people in the Gaza peace flotilla as “so-called peace activists”. How biased can the BBC get?

    Mike Gould

  • Roy Shoyer

    Mike, don’t let the facts confuse you, ha? :-)
    The videos of the Flotilla are very clear about how “peaceful” it was.
    I’m watching BBC every day and I try to see the coverage of the Hamas attacks on Israel. Hamas fires almost every day 3-4 rockets on Israel. As they don’t hit anyone or anything – it’s not covered by the media. But I’m asking every editor – try to imagine how is it to live for more than 8 year with sirens and fear?
    Then, when Israel react – everybody are surprised and angry.

  • Mickey from San Francisco

    Franks’ farewell wave embodies cowardice, journalistic laziness, and a degree of trembling Jewish brown nosing we can fully expect from anybody reporting about Israel for the BBC. After all, the future paychecks and connections of his “enlightened” leftist colleagues is what counts, right? For instance, that remark about the disturbances in Hebron being a “pogrom” are extraordinary in their inappropriateness. Angry Jews throwing firecrackers and hollering all night do not a “pogrom” make! Virtually every real pogrom resulted in a lake of Jewish blood. Was anybody even injured in the disturbance Franks listened to from behind closed doors? No, not a one. Yet he dares make this foul linkage followed by childish sniffling and mea culpa moments …
    What I read in Tim over the years were the slyly slanted ‘reportage’ of a Jew afraid to stand up for himself – and beleaguered Israel – AS a Jew. Yes, it must be quite uncomfortable these days to do the hard thing, the right thing, the brave thing, and the journalistic HONEST thing to do. I don’t blame Tim for his cowardice, but please don’t expect any empathy. He had a moment to do something truly courageous and helpful by reporting accurately what was transpiring in Israel. He did not. No wonder he trundles off sadly.