BBC Poll–War Against Al-Qaeda Is Failing

BBC World Service took a poll around the world of how people feel about the success or failure of the war on terrorism. The majority made clear they regard the Bush initiated war on terrorism has failed to obtain its goal of crushing al-Qaeda. Thirty percent of those polled said Bush’s campaign had only resulted in strengthening al-Qaeda, 29% said it had no effect, and 22 percent said it had weakened terrorist organizations. Despite the overwhelming power of America’s military forces most people find scant evidence the effort has achieved any of its aims to crush al-Qaeda. Osama bin Laden was never captured, his forces reside in safety in border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The survey of 23,937 people was conducted by BBC’s World service between July 8 and September 12 by GlobeScan Ins. and the University of Maryland’s program on International Policy Attitudes. In the United States 56 percent said neither the United States nor al-Qaeda was winning.

The heady days of the fall of 2001 when American troops ripped through Afghanistan and the George Bush boasts of May, 2003 have been replaced by a sadness, a fatigue and misgivings concerning the war on terrorism.