BBC Slammed For Refusing Gaza Appeal

Over eleven thousand complaints have been sent to BBC over its refusal to allow an appeal for aid to Gaza from the Disasters Emergency Committee. Fifty MPs are ready to introduce a resolution in support and many senior members at BBC have voiced their displeasure. Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev. Rowan Williams, simply said: “My feeling is that the BBC should broadcast an appeal.” The BBC defends its stand on ground the entire issue of Gaza is a volatile political issue and by broadcasting an appeal for humanitarian aid it somehow would be taking sides in the dispute.

The fact 1,300 humans have died and thousands are without food, shelter or medical care is not an issue about being or not being “impartial”–whatever that means. People are hungry, and children need medical care, that is the only important consideration. John Snow, of the BBC, news staff, put it succinctly: “It’s a ludicrous decision. This is what public service broadcasting is for: I think it was a decision founded on complete ignorance and I am absolutely amazed they have stuck to it.”

As one who believes in the existence of Israel, and has helped found a Holocaust Museum, the Israel, I believe Gaza operation was a human and political disaster. The innocent must not be allowed to suffer. Put on the damn plea for aid!

  • Emily

    Things are pretty hard for Gaza right now. If you like reading daily news, I belong to this website they have 12 or more different news feeds going directly to your personal website, free.

  • keith bryer

    For heaven’s sake, get a grip. Remember that truth is the first casualty in a war so doubt everything you read and hear. Have 1300 people died? or is it less? Are they all innocent civilians? Or are most of them people who have been firing rockets into Israel hoping to hit civilians and doing so for three years without a military response from Israel? How many Israeli citizens have died or been maimed from these rocket attacks? War is hell for both sides. Think before you scream abuse at one side or the other or heap more blame on one side. This is not a simple David versus Goliath matter. Iran has armed Hamas to the teeth and Iran has 60 million people and a highly developed economy. If Israel really wanted to do damage to civilians there would not be a man woman or child standing. Sticking you hand in a tiger’s cage and them blaming the tiger for biting it off is plain stupid. As is putting a mortar position in a school playground — unless you want children to be killed when the people you are firing at fire back.

  • Elliot Rock

    Keith Bryer you watch too much slanted TV! All I read above is well form media doctrine and Zionist propaganda.

    The death count over the last year is now 5 to 2500+. Go Israel! It is not a war, it is a slow Genocide of the Palestine population. Just in time for the next Israeli Elections!

  • gulfraz majeed

    BBC has been run by the jewswiss banks and have allways taxed the british for a long time.the juda judges tax the pepole of england in lots of ways.the jewdicktion of juda judges jew who sit in the courts with wigs dressed as lams and judge humans. they never take a pay cut the ones who judge.

  • Fred Stopsky

    The Israel military authorities have claimed they killed about 400-500 militants which, by logic, means about 800-900 civilians have been killed. Actually, fewer than twenty Israelis have been killed in all the rocket attacks by Hamas. The IDF said 13 Israelis died of whom about two were civilians.
    Mr. Majeed, please stop the endless anti-Jewish tirade that so many Muslims engage in. Jews constitute about one percent of the British population. There are Muslim judges as well as Jewish so cease with your crazy vicious anti-semitism.

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  • Fred Stopsky

    The bottom line is the plight of innocent civilians who were caught in violence. Hopefully, the appeal will be aired by BBC and the ad should be printed in newspapers in Israel.

  • earTear

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