Be Bold Or Be Bulldozed!

Israel President Shimon Peres has been endeavoring for months to persuade Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to proceed with some positive steps that would get the Palestinian Authority engaged in peace negotiations. Amid reports that President Barack Obama is going to announce a new US plan for peace in the Middle East, Peres urged leaders of Israel that “if we don’t want foreign plans, the best way would be a plan of our own, and if we do that, others won’t go ahead with theirs.” Sounds like logical rational advice, but it is doubtful if Benjamin Netanyahu will listen to anything other than the recurring theme of his life– what can I do to get more votes? The UN deadline is for action by September of this year. If nothing has been done, President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority will proceed by asking the UN to recognize the existence of a Palestinian state. Over a dozen nations are ready to make this recognition.

Netanyahu is the worst person that Israel could have leading them at this juncture in its history. He lacks a vision of peace, he lacks a vision of how Israel can become a major factor in the Middle East, and the only thought in his mind is placating religious fanatics and thus prevent any movement toward peace. There are times when not acting will not result in disaster, but as recent events in the Middle East make clear, hesitating can result in your death.