Be Grateful-And Shut Up!

During the past twenty years thousands of Jews from Ethiopia have been flown out of the nation in order to find new homes and  lives in Israel. Of course, these are black skinned Jews who stand out among whiter and browner skinned Jews in the country. Recently, thousands of black Ethiopians protested against ongoing discrimination, lack of good jobs and need for additional education. They are upset at refusal to sell them homes in “good neighborhoods.” One Ethiopian representative, GAdi Desta told a group of Knesset members that “apartheid” was taking place in Israel.

When one dares to tell religious Jews they might be guilty of discrimination, they only have one response and it came from Immigration Absorption Minister Sofa Landver, “you need to be grateful for what you have received.”She insisted all that was possible was being done to assist Ethiopian Jews so why not just quit complaining and accept what is as what will be.

I was raised a Jew in bigoted America when it was normal for Jews to be denied the right to live where they desired or to get decent jobs due to quotas against them. If we complained the response was, “be happy you are in America and not facing death in Europe.” That is always the response of a bigot.


  • Anonymous

    hopefully Jews of color will unite with Palestinians to rise up against the apartheid system.