Be Happy To Be In Free China!

Undoubtedly, in the past few weeks there were several heated conversations at the China Daily offices about how to get an article published which would prove China far surpasses the Western world when it comes to issues of human rights. Finally, they located a professor in India who was willing to take on the western world by proving conclusively that in dear Communist China, individual rights were more respected than in western nations. According to Mr. Nalapat, “an honest examination would show human rights are far better protected in Asia, at least, when it comes to the most vulnerable sections of society such as ethnic minorities and residents without citizenship.” Huh? Are we being told that rights of people in Tibet and Muslims in western China have greater rights than any minorities in Western nations??

The good professor cites Dubai healthcare which is low cost and available to non-residents as definite proof that healthcare is available to people in Asian nations! He justifiably attacks high cost of drugs in Western Europe or the United States, but his logic is a wee bit off. The fact millions in America lack health care does not translate into Asians having healthcare anymore than high drug prices translates into Asians having access to low cost drugs.

Oh well, this is democratic China which respects the rights of minorities as long as they do not make critical remarks about its leaders.