Be Positive Toward China Urges Australian Leader

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith told visiting American Defense Secretary Robert Gates the United States should adopt a more positive attitude in its relationship with China. He also reassured the American diplomat that Australia’s increasingly close economic ties with China pose no threat to the United States. “We can have a very good econmic relationship with China whch doesn’t adversely impact upon our relationship with the United States. On the contray, we encourage the United States to havea good, positive, constructive dialogue with China..It can be win-win.”

China has become Australis’s largest trading partner and serves as a booming market for Aussie natural resource exports. American political and military leaders continue making reference to the need for a large US military force in Japan in order to be available against unnamed enemies. It is about time to end the charade that China poses some sort of military threat to the United States in Asia. The Chinese are too busy expanding their economic influence while the US spends billions on war.