Bear With Me On This One

Once upon a time in the west there were some ferocious animals known as grizzly bears. They would rise up on their paws, growl at humans and send most folk fleeing for their lives. Ah, life has changed, we live in the world of everyone being friendly and humans who are concerned not to hurt the feelings of animals. The grizzly bear no longer hides in the mountains of the wild west. As Jamie Jonkel, who works with grizzly bears puts it: “we’ve got bears spending their whole summer eating oats in the field, out there with the elk and the deer and getting fatter and fatter. They’ve started really loving the good life, much like the average American.” A recent census puts the number of grizzly bears at 603 which is three times the number that were wandering around in the seventies. Many wildlife experts believe the number is most probably even higher.

Some claim increased human population is pushing bears from their native habitat while others blame a beetle infestation which has killed off huge swathes of pine across the Rockies and thus deprived them of their native food. A new problem is as bears get closer to humans, there are increased cases of people shooting them in self defense.

I assume now that Republicans are in control of Congress we can expect to see demands to cease allowing these non-citizens to get access to food that belongs to American citizens. It is time for illegal bears to go back to where they came from and make certain we American born folk have access to the oats they are now eating. Tea Party, stand up for American born people getting the oats!

  • Kitty Ashenbrenner

    I’d sooner share my habitat and resources with the grizzly bear than the “other illegals” who drain our resources.