Bearded Men Say -Halt!

The image is always the same, a group of men with long dark beards are sitting someplace holding weapons in their hands and seemingly asking the world or some government to cease fighting against them. Of course, they just completed the task of halting a bus, asking males to step outside and then executing them. Last year they even halted a bus of school girls and tried to kill one girl who dared to spread words of hate against them. Anyway, the Pakistani Taliban once again, that is the bearded men, urged the government to cease fighting against them. The faithful flock of murderers was informed by the bearded men: “the senior leadership directs all constituents and groups to respect and fully abide by the cease fire declaration and restrain themselves from all kinds of jihadist activities.”

In simple English this means-quit killing innocent men, women and children– for the moment, at least. Naturally the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif responded with a thank you, said they were willing to talk, a talk will be held, the Talibani will demand Sharia law, the government will agree to a version, that will not be sufficient and the wars against the innocent will continue—at least, until the next cease fire.