Beat A Woman In Jail Means No Jail!

Fevziye Cengiz, a woman in Turkey got into a dispute with some civil servants and used words that he did not enjoy being directed at him. He had her arrested and taken to a jail. I assume since a member of the civil service claims a citizen insulted him there is no doubt a citizen insulted him. When she arrived at the jail, the Turkish woman was then beaten by members of the local constabulary who undoubtedly were carrying out their responsibilities to maintain law and order.

Ms. Cengiz appealed to a judge concerning being beat by local police, but the judge ruled that his court did not have jurisdiction as to what happens in a jail. I assume the jurisdiction belongs to local police since who better than them knows when it is OK to beat the hell out of a woman.

Let us all remember that courts are for criminals to be judged, not for police to be judged. They are the “good guys.”