Beat Up The Lefties!

We are remembering the D-Day invasion which took place on June 6, 1944 but unfortunately what happened on that day increasingly is forgotten. In case those who dislike “radicals” and seek a return to the good old days when Nazism was around and people lacked things such as Social Security or unemployment benefits, it really was not the good old days. A group of boys were walking through the streets of Paris when thy encountered Neo-Nazi youth who did not like their Paris contaminated with people who believe in social justice for all humans. A fight broke out and at one point several thugs  beat up a single boy.

The end result is that one boy is now brain dead. Just another day in gay Paris, just another day strolling through its beautiful streets, just another day in a modern society which is based on democracy. Unfortuantely, on this day we remember those who fought for democracy, a bit of democracy died in Paris.