Beating Judge Beats On

The power of cell phones and all sorts of ways in which one can record the world constantly results in strange images appearing before our eyes.  Hillary Adams is a disabled woman who somehow video taped in 2004 an incident in which her father, Judge William Adams took out a belt and belted her. When confronted by the tape, the judge responded:  “In my mind I have not done anything wrong other than discipline my child when she was caught stealing.  I did lose my temper. I apologize.

I assume the apology was for losing temper, not for beating up on a disabled youngster. After all, the good judge is a true man of the west. Kill injuns, treat wetbacks like they were your slaves, and stand up for Christianity. OK, so what is a little whipping now and then? It teaches respect for the words of Jesus that one should be honest.

I have a hunch the good judge is the type of lawman that Rick Perry wants in his government.