Beauty Queen Not Dark Enough!

New Zealand has a large community of people whose ancestors migrated to the country from India. They yearly hold a Miss IndiaNZ pageant in which attractive females of Indian heritage show off their wares — or, should I say, bodies? A blond blue-eyed beauty was crowned this year as the winner and this aroused fury among some members of the audience who shouted that she was not dark enough! Jacinta Lal, whose father is Fijian-Indian and whose mother is of European descent, laughed off comments and noted: “It hurts that people are quick to judge an entire race for what one or two people do.” This absolutely gorgeous young woman was subject to insulting remarks because she happened to be too blond and blue eyed. She believes pageant organizers were comfortable with who she was and regarded her as an Indian. Remarks from the audience raised the issue as to whether, “is she even Indian?” I guess these days, racists come in all colors and shapes.

To make things more interesting, her boyfriend’s mother was furious at the comments and pointed out, “I’m half Maroi, my husband is Samoan,” and who the hell knows who her grand daughter will be? Perhaps, one day we will inhabit a world in which skin color just ain’t that damn important. In so doing, we will return to our common ancestors who left Africa thousands and thousands of years ago.