Beauty Test For Three Year Olds?

Societies all over the world are in a fierce competition to prove their children are superior to those in other nations. The quest for “perfection” certainly is vital for the political, economic and social survival of many countries. The father of a three year old girl in Sweden wonders if the desire for “beautiful children” has been carried a bit too far since the photo of his girl for the second year in a row was retouched in the name of “beauty.” Meja has a scar on her face due to falling, but when the photo came back, there was no scar, just a beautiful young face. The school photographer took it upon himself to edit Meja’s photo to remove the scar. He defended his action on grounds most parents are happy to have perfectly formed faces for their children, “we just want things to be nice and cute.”

I wonder what these photographers would have done to the face of Abraham Lincoln whose gaunt look made opponents often refer to his facial features. Perhaps, from now on, there should be a criteria of “beauty” when selecting leaders of society. How about instead of a presidential election, we have a beauty contest for the best formed and attractive man or woman?