Beck Beckons Nazis In Israel!

Glenn Beck has even caused Fox News to disown his ranting and raving, but for some strange reason, this apostle of hate is welcomed in Israel. This is a man who noted “disturbing similarities” between the Norwegian Youth camp that was the scene of mass murder and the Hitler Youth! This is the man who claims Reform Judaism is somewhat akin to “radicalized Islam!” This is the man who caused over 400 advertisers on Fox News to request he not be on any program that featured their products.

However, some people who claim to be “Jews” extended a welcome to this rock star of hate to appear at their rally in Jerusalem on “Restoring Courage.” The rally will urge people of all faiths to support Israel.  Beck supports right wing settlers on the West Bank who ignore rights of Palestinians. Last week thousands of Israelis rallied to demand equal economic rights and Beck termed them supporters of “Islamist” activists.

Glenn Beck converted to the Mormon religion. Can we Jews expect he will become one of us?