Beheading For Witchcraft In 2010?

It is the twenty-first century, not the fifteenth or seventeenth, but to Saudi Arabians, it might just as well be the year 1210. A Lebanese man in Saudi Arabia was convicted of the crime of witchcraft and faces being beheaded. Actually, he was supposed to be beheaded on Friday which is beheading time, right after Friday prayers. After all, when else would one behead someone other than after praying to our merciful God? Ali Sibat was arrested by religious police during his pilgrimage to the holy city of Medina in 2008 and was sentenced to death last November. Sibat is one of a score of people each year who are arrested for sorcery witchcraft, black magic and fortunetelling.

Naturally, in the medieval world of Saudi Arabia it is not necessary to specify exactly what constitutes the crime of witchcraft. Just allow religious police who know all about witchcraft to define the crime as they desire to define it.

We, as Americans, are so glad to be allies of Saudi Arabia in the fight to end terrorist activities such as accusing people of crimes that are not crimes.