Behind These Gay Walls

There is good news for those of the gay or lesbian persuasion as well as those who have some sexual belief that is not known to me. A group of Dutch real estate folk want to construct a 100% gay community. They will build a new town which will become a gated community that only accepts those who are gay, lesbian or whatever as long as they are not straight. The Gay Town will have its own supermarket, its own tennis courts, its own chapel, gym, and–its own Cooking School!! Wow! Just think, gays and lesbians can cook–without fear of violence–their own gay meals!! Now, this is an example of forward looking folk– put gays and lesbians behind walls.

Let me offer some suggestions:

1. How about a firing range so gays and lesbians can learn to blast away when insulted once they are with “those people.”

2. Have they considered offering classes in how to be gay or lesbian?

3. Are there any special provisions for straight folk, you know, like a special house they can inhabit in order to give the town a sense of equality for all?