Being A Jew In Germany

Ah to be a Jew in Germany, even sixty years after the Holocaust must still lead to occasional chills of fear. An idiotic German Judge created a furor when he declared illegal the use of circumcising babies. Of course, Muslims also were rather angry given that they and Jews have been doing this for a few thousand years. Of course, Chancellor Angela Merkel is furious at a decision that has made her country become the “laughing stock”of the world.

Let’s see, there are doctors worried about infringements of the rights of  infants and supposed health risks. Doc, we have been doing this for a few thousand years and NOW you tell me it is a health risk! This entire incident is  a storm in a teacup. It is not even funny, it is ridiculous.

The saddest aspect of this situation is the insensitivity of these judges and these doctors. It is akin to telling black Americans that possessing dark skin is a health risk–and an infringement of the rights of babies to be born white!