Being Gay In Canada Is Not Very Gay

A recent survey taken of Canadian students reveals that being gay or a lesbian in school can be dangerous to one’s emotional health. It turns out that seventy percent of teenagers who identify themselves as gay or lesbian daily encountered remarks such as, “that’s so gay,”or “dyke,” or “lesbo” or “faggot.” Very few of those who were surveyed stated they had not endured such insults. The report summarized their findings in this manner, “that if you are a LGBTQ(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer) student in a Canadian school, it is highly likely you will hear insulting things about your sexual orientation.” Of the 3,700 students who took part in the survey, 2,600 identified themselves as heterosexual. Among other information from the report are:

1. 64% of these students and 62% of their parents believe they are not safe in a public school.

2. 245 of these students were physically assaulted.

3. Transgender students face more open hostility.

4. 58% of students felt emotional problems stemming from verbal assaults.

Such is life in a normal school in Canada!