Being Young Today Is Not Cool

Once upon a time young people in England–and elsewhere were told to go to school, do your homework and the end result will be attending college and winding up with a good job. Record numbers of A-level students in England will NOT be accepted into British universities since there is not enough money to pay for teachers or construct buildings for them to learn. At least one in five young people between the ages of 16-24 lacks a job, let alone a place in college.

Nearly one million in this age bracket lack work and this number will rise once final figures are in about who got accepted to college. The problem gets worse year by year since those without work for two years has now risen to 30% of youth in this age bracket. Just 25,000 found work this spring. The problem is compounded when employers want someone with work experience, but if someone has been fired and laid off for longer than two years, employers fear hiring an individual who has grown “lazy.”

If this continues, rioting may increase as frustrated youth discover being passive leads to no other destination than the unemployment line.