Beirut Bombing

Two suicide bombers decided to blow themselves up at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut,Lebanon. The bombs killed 23 people, along with the suicide duo and left 146 wounded an in shock. After any bombing there follows a period in which focus is upon those who did the bombing. After all, how can we figure out who to get angry at unless we know the culprits? In order to move forward the process of guilt, we offer our list of possible bombers:

1. Definitely Mossad. When in doubt concerning any bombing in the Middle East just look to Jerusalem.

2. Al-Qaeda. The al-Qaeda mob is run by Sunni folk while the Iranian mob is run by Shiites.Never the mobs shall intertwine.

3. The CIA. They are everywhere and nowhere.

4. Lee Oswald. If there is a killing his name must crop up-eventually.

5. Barack Obama. If you doubt me, just check with Ted Cruz.

6. Alex Rodriguez. He lacks time to play baseball so
he has time on his hand to bomb away.

7. Sarah Palin. She has access to guns. She is brave. She will stand up to prevent American ties with Iran so bomb away and blame it on Mossad.