Belated Refusal For Belarus

President Alexander Lukashenko runs a tight ship in Belarus. If you oppose his regime,  a nice jail cell awaits your presence. Last year during a disputed election, the  thug leader of Belarus ordered  mass arrests of opponents and  hundreds were  beaten or tortured in order to make certain they got the point-Lukashenko is always right.  Given this track record one would assume European nations would avoid this  thug, but such is not the case.

A group of banks in England, Russia, France, and Germany made a deal with the beast of Belarus which would send over a billion dollars headed his way. French and German banks have now backed out and Lukashenko is in trouble. Reports indicate the government and local  banks are even selling their computers to raise money.

As of this point, only the Russian bank, Sberbank has agreed to continue doing business with Belarus. After all, this is Putin country so is it any surprise a dictator is the good guy?