Belgium Government Waffles

Belgium is a divided nation which can not agree on many things, particularly the language that is spoken. There are about six million people who speak Dutch and about 4.5 million who speak the beautiful tongue of France. Historically, French speaking areas of the country were economically more advanced, but today Dutch speaking areas are economically more advanced. People have switched to vote for a political party which speaks its language. The result is an inability to form a government that would be able to govern. Belgium has been a country lacking a government for over a year. In order to help these confused and divided people we suggest:

1. Dutch spoken Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday morning.

2. French spoken, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday along with Sunday afternoon.

2. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann should be asked to form a government. If you want division, let these two ignorant people run your country.

4. Every other week, a million people from either side take a vacation and this enables at least one side to govern for a week.

5. Ask representatives from Israel and the Palestinian Authority to join discussions. At least there won’t be any pretense of an agreement.

6. Offer 25,000 Euros to anyone who will switch languages.

Or ,in the last resort, become the 51st state of the USA.