Beloved Ireland Still Lacks Peace

I was raised with Irish people, married two nice Irish lasses and wrote my masters    degree on Irish history. I spent hours talking with Irish longshoremen on the docks of New York City who had fought in Irish wars for independence from the hated Englishmen. A trip to Ireland allowed me to bask in memories of “the troubles” and touch bullet holes in the Post Office building. I thought “the troubles” were finally over, but there still remain Irishmen who will only accept a completely united Irish land.

On the other hand there are Irishmen who hate the Catholics and want an end to any thought of uniting the entire island. Loyalists have resumed violence against those seeking compromise and peace. Recently Loyalist thugs attempted to murder an MP who was fighting for reconciliation between Catholics and Protestants. Two dozen of these “Loyalists” have been arrested for throwing bombs and attempting to beat up not only Catholics but Northern Irish men and women who simply want “the troubles” to finally end!